Month: January 2015

Seeing Vonda Shepard


Saw Vonda Shepard in concert tonight in San Francisco.  We first met thirty-five years ago at summer camp in Southern California, where this picture was taken in 1979.  The following fall, I got tickets to a Don McLean/Karla Bonoff concert at the Roxy, and Vonda came with me.  After the show, we got backstage and met both Don and Karla.  Now, Vonda’s the one performing around the world.  Seeing her tonight, after such a mad crush on her way back then, reminds me how quick life passes.  There you are, an infatuated teen; and before you know it, you’re a middle-aged dad with a mortgage.  To see what Vonda’s up to these days, click here.

# All Lives Matter

With the recent spate of protests against police shootings, one honorable and outspoken anti-police activist accepted an invitation from his local sheriff department to undergo the same educational training officers must take.  Once the activist found himself in the shoes of an officer, he came to a new realization:  For the sake of our own personal safety, we should always comply with law enforcement’s instructions.  Epiphanies are wonderful.  Watch his transformation here:


Let’s all stand up for common sense:  All lives matter.


Thinking of Dana Zed

Dana Zed -- Jota

I met artist Dana Zed several years ago on a flight from DC to SFO. At the time, she wore a wildly striped outfit and sparkled with light in her eyes. We talked the whole way across country, and our spirited chat inspired me to make some overdue changes in my life. Some months later, she was artist in residence at the de Young museum in San Francisco, where she featured dozens of digital portraits she’d created over the past  year. This is the one she doodled of me. To see more of her amusing portraits, plus examples of her exquisite glass work, click here.