Month: September 2015

Yet Another Thailand Poem

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Many thanks to Clementine, an on-line literary magazine, for publishing the following poem in their September 2015 issue.

Hand-Rolled Smokes

                                                     —for Ez

Not Drum, not other Euro brands

..I pop the cap of a Black Cat can

….exercise my old arthritic thumbs


Not your standard pack of pre-fab Zigs

..nothing manufactured overseas

….I purchase a pack of trimmed tree leaves


A local showed me how to twist a leaf

..keep it rolled without a line of glue

….keep it loose to let the burning breathe


Once between my lips, my two front teeth

..I lay back and puff the local reed

….let its incense burn beneath my nose


Small warm clouds of me float away as smoke

I become the island, come and take a toke