Tapping Unknown Talent

So I’ve been drawing now for a week.  Each time I start, I’m afraid I won’t be able to actually draw the subject.  I arranged a banana, apple, and garlic clove on a curved platter, then looked at the arrangement for a couple days, certain I could never capture its image.  I was absolutely certain I couldn’t do it.  Finally, I just got to work and started sketching.  After an hour, I had this (click on image for a larger view):


Today, with the SF Giant’s enjoying the best record in baseball at the All-Star break, I decided to draw a baseball glove. Again, I was certain I couldn’t do it.  Convinced!  But then I went to work.  Here are the stages of development.

20160711 (1)

Initial Sketch

20160711 (2)


20160711 (3)


20160711 (6)

Final Shading

So often in life, we listen to that little voice of doom telling us we can’t achieve our dreams, can’t  satisfy our desires.  This week, I’ve discovered that my own little voice never goes away, never shuts up, not even when faced with these surprising results.  Makes me wonder:  How many times in life have I let that little voice hold me back from fully expressing myself?  Too many, I’m afraid.

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