# All Lives Matter

With the recent spate of protests against police shootings, one honorable and outspoken anti-police activist accepted an invitation from his local sheriff department to undergo the same educational training officers must take.  Once the activist found himself in the shoes of an officer, he came to a new realization:  For the sake of our own personal safety, we should always comply with law enforcement’s instructions.  Epiphanies are wonderful.  Watch his transformation here:


Let’s all stand up for common sense:  All lives matter.


Jupiter Gone Retrograde


You may have felt it.  Jupiter went retrograde back on December 8th.  It’s maybe why you’re withdrawing more than usual this holiday season.  When Jupiter turns backward, it’s time for active things to slow.  It’s time to look inward, to re-examine old philosophies, to grow from recent wisdom.  When Jupiter goes retrograde in Leo, that hot fiery ego becomes the focus of our introspection.  If lucky, we catch a glimpse of our true selves, the ones we’ve tucked away for no one else to see.

Myself:  I’ve hardly left the house the past few weeks.  I’m adapting a novel from a screenplay I wrote a few years back.  Turns out, a novel is so much more cinematic.  A novel’s narration allows for inward introspection, and much of my personal retrograde focus is appearing in the emotional lives of my characters.  (It’s hard to explain and probably foolish to try.  But that’s my inward journey.)  Jupiter goes direct again April 8th.  By then, I hope to complete a draft of this novel. Before that, Mercury goes retrograde on January 21st for three weeks.  At that point, things might come to a downright halt.

Mercury Goes Direct


After the past three weeks, a retrograde Mercury turns direct again today.  Like any Mercury-retrograde period, these past few weeks were filled with travel and communication snafus; yet this was also, as usual, a great time for looking backward — to analyze past projects and endeavors, to determine what’s best to leave behind, to decide what’s best to keep going forward.  For me, this past retrograde period was great for revision.  I revised ten poems originally drafted during the summer of 2013.  Three months from now, when Mercury turns retrograde again for another three weeks, I’ll revise more of those older poems.  For now, I’m looking forward to learning new skills with photography and video, planning my classes for the spring semester, and making new friends.  Bottom line:  It’s a new day with new possibilities.  That’s always good!  (Plus, with a little luck, the Giants may yet walk away with another World Series.)