Three Inspirations

It’s that time of year — not only my one-year anniversary of starting to draw, but also World Watercolor Month.  Can’t wait to see all the great stuff everyone creates worldwide.  Here’s my first painting of some frequent inspirations.

20170701 (1)

Color Me Whoops!

I’ve seen lots of online watercolorists post paintings of their paint trays, so I thought I’d give it a try as a fun way of testing all my new paints.  Also wanted to experiment with shadowing with color.


One thing I like about watercolor painting is that mistakes highlight the human interaction with the subject of the sketch.  My shadows aren’t all that smooth, and there’s that blotch of a bad dark line on the right.

But errors show the process of learning and, as a teacher by trade, I love the learning process and seeing mistakes that appear along the way.  After all, it’s in the making of mistakes where we learn.

Heck–I learned a lot with this effort.