# All Lives Matter

With the recent spate of protests against police shootings, one honorable and outspoken anti-police activist accepted an invitation from his local sheriff department to undergo the same educational training officers must take.  Once the activist found himself in the shoes of an officer, he came to a new realization:  For the sake of our own personal safety, we should always comply with law enforcement’s instructions.  Epiphanies are wonderful.  Watch his transformation here:


Let’s all stand up for common sense:  All lives matter.


“Time Zones”

RiversEdge Cover

Many thanks to riverSedge: A Journal of Art & Literature published by The University of Texas-Pan American for including the following poem in their Fall 2014 issue.

 Time Zones

                                        —Taiwan, 2012

We fly all night, escaping yesterday

   Pacific asleep behind us 


Strange to bend the flimsy arm of time

   imaginary lines on manmade maps


In my seat, earplugs hush the engine hum

   a blindfold brings back history


A decade ago, I sat like a stone

   shot like a bullet through the midnight sky


Since that flight, now wed and fled

   father of a summer sprouting son


Each season, every afternoon

   another new mark on the laundry wall